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User Review

Nephtali's review - Hohner Melodica Piano 32

Value For Money : Correct
- I use the Hohner Melodica Piano 32 for 4 years. I play quite often (but not every day, either!).
- The characteristic I like most is the sound of course, completely inimitable, with its oriental. In addition, the melodica is supplied with two mouthpieces, a small black "ordinary", and a pipe (shaped sheath of wire (long and flexible, so)), which allows you to play the melodica distance c ' is to say as a synth or a piano (or organ), the instrument flat on a support, rather than as a conventional wind instrument. There is nothing I dislike about this instrument but I note that the keyboard may be a bit confusing for pianists because of his close buttons, and the holding of the melodica surprise devotees of wind instruments (used to play two hands with the left hand in the upper position, which is not the case here where we play only the right hand, the left used to support the instrument).
- I tried several models of the same brand, all below it (sopranos), and I chose this one because its range was larger, wider and its keys as there was that top model in the store. Also, I already had a melodica soprano in fair condition (a legacy) but I retyped, and I did not see the need to duplicate by purchasing the same model.
- The price / quality ratio was not involved in my choice: Hohner is a monopoly market melodica (no competition), so this criterion is absolutely irrelevant. For cons, the instrument is well worth its price.
- I am fully satisfied with the Piano 32, but if I were to buy a second melodica, I will opt for the Piano 36 in a spirit of challenge (I doubt there is a discrepancy between these two models so anyway ).