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Misleading material - Reviews RODE Blimp

BLIMP Rode - Hull windscreen for microphones professionals guns

Rode offers in its range of microphones and accessories dedicated to broadcast the BLIMP, windproof shell for professional microphones guns.

This shell allows you to capture images of sounds outside strongly reducing wind noise and other noise.

Made of durable plastic, the shell is lined inside with a film of material.

Internally, the BLIMP has two poles with elastic suspension for the microphone, and a furry windscreen to reduce noise. A female XLR is cleverly included in the shell with a cable passing through the handle itself comprising an XLR male to its base.

The BLIMP is fixed towards an adjustable handle knob enables to position the microphone in the shell and, in case it is mounted on a camera, to prevent the BLIMP is in the field of view .


Reviews for enthusiasts who want a semi-pro.

I used it for over a year carrying this equipment in a case with pre-cut foam by me. I was advised to take a Sennheiser kit but too expensive for me at the time.
At least I do not see the point to 300th in a gun until now.

For Rode Blimp:

The hull and windscreen, there is no problem. I made itws wet weather, seaside etc., these two are reliable.

The integrated XLR cable dropped me after two months of use, I resoldered once, it happened again a few months later. I removed ...

JUMBO fault this kit is the gun that holds the microphone.

After 6 months, both arches constantly loosen and the more time passes, the more they loosen and tighten up, plus no screws deforms and then you finish your shooting with electrical tape ...

The pin that holds the mechanism of the gun is also very bad.
I put a microphone Rode NTG-3 gun Blimp and after a year of using the mechanism loosens and drops the gun down. Top ...

The two mechanisms that are used to tighten the springs regularly even if the trunk before a shoot or ITW, you checked your gear.

Yes, rubber molded in one piece pistol does not have these problems, but it takes a good start at all.

If you will use your equipment more than 5 times per week so do not take this one especially. IL has no interest in longevity.

This is often as usual 'there must be a price to be cushy ...

Well, I hope that this testimony will help you not make the same mistake.