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User Review

VicMacKey's review - Akai Professional Deep Impact SB1

Value For Money : Poor
Stomp supposed to emulate a synthesizer from a bass guitar.
There are 9 types of synths spread over 9 presets that can be programmed and recalled easily.
The settings are many: note on, note off, attack, decay, envelope depth, dynamics, cutoff, resonance, balance, level.
This is an effect pedal format, in a solid metal case, digital sound processing, on the other hand it is true bypass.
There is one input jack, output jack, a jack for AC adapter (required: no batteries and it needs 180mA minimum), and a jack for plugging in an optional footswitch to decrement presets.


The general configuration is very simple, the manual is far from essential. The handling is intuitive thanks to the backlit display of the preset number and value of the parameter.
It controls the input gain and output volume by 2 potentiometers.
One of the 2 footswitch toggles effect, one increments the preset (only).
Editing sounds is easy: the 2 rotocontacteurs to select the setting, the other to change its value. When off the pedal, the values ​​remain in memory.


The effects have a good seed, it sounds almost like a synthesizer.
I use it with a bass guitar.
Some sounds are nice, the controls are fairly accurate but the pedal sounds too steep overall. The tracking is not great. We must push hard to get clear and good sound in the end, which excludes any approximation or rapid flow of notes. If we do not really pay attention, the sounds do not fire or it does not recognize the notes and plays well on the side.
What ultimately makes little sounds are actually usable as a group.


I've had two weeks.
Before, I had the Korg G5, and I still have the Octavius ​​Squeezer.
I read and heard so much praise on this pedal that I was finally disappointed overall:
The first reason is that it's a pedal (which dates from the 90's) who has grown old, I had to take him to an electronics for complete verification of welds etc.. In addition it is sensitive to food: a diet too just mA level will prevent him from functioning properly.
The second reason is that when I received it, I noticed a small gain entry with my Jazz Bass passive, too small to have equivalent levels between the bypass and in his treatise, apparently I'm not alone in this case. With an active bass, in a set of pedals, the pedal works better.
The third reason is that for me, sounds are mostly too sharp, there is a loss in the low to the point where only 2 or 3 sounds I really enjoyed and exploited.
Akai had long since stopped producing it, we only found used at very high prices for a single purpose (it's even worse if you want the pedal in excellent condition, with box, manual and power of origin)
Unless you're a big fan of this kind of effect or Muse, or even that you bought at a decent price when it was still produced, the price is borderline outrageous for a pedal unreliable, which has few usable sounds, all without technical support if problems arise.
Repeat this choice? She will soon take the path of eBay ... It is a middle pedal is not worth its price and that I was not impressed at all. I prefer the Korg G5 in the same range of effects pedal of this type has a much better tracking and reporting sound quality / price.