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Essential - Reviews API Audio 500-6B Lunchbox

1 box created by API to load the modules you want (preamp, dynamics, EQ, convertos, summing effects, ect ...). The concept already existed in some marques.Avec format 500 format is the same for all . It is the concept


A switch, just load the modules you are voulez.Les connnectiques rear XLR


The sound quality depends on your modules.Je has 2 audio DRS1 phoenix, phoenix audio drs equa 1 eq and a compressor purple audio work comp (UREI clone). All major brands are mises.Il no more that 'to make your composition ...


I have been using 1.5 an.Le case is strong and the euro silencieux.Il just missing to complete my box.Le choice is énnorme, API, Neve, SSL, Chandler Limited, BAE, Purple Audio, Harrison, JDK, ...