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User Review

juju51's review - Ibanez SR1005EFM

Lower manufactured in Korea.
neck-in 5 parts.
mono rail bridge of excellent quality, really top tip for the settings.
the pickups are brand Bartolini, coupled to an electronic active (low, mid and Aiguier with
a frequency control for mediums. the volume knob and micro scale.


This bass is truly a beautiful piece, we have a hard time believing that the coming of Korah.
on seeing it would think more a maker of low quality so all the wood used and finish is superb.
I am bass player for over 15years and I frankly rarely seen in this branch of its price ....
I just can not find him in default made, maybe I changed my mind over time, because I have this low since only a few weeks.
the handle is fine and pleasant, it is, as they say "highway".
each access to acute is not exceptional, must say I rarely go ^ ^
the body is carved or bent to choose from: p like a warwick, I find this bass slight and very well balanced.
its side, the blocks are excellent.l Barto 'allows electronic commme awesome sound you want with the choice of freqences medium.
I get to have just about every sonoritées I want in the style of music I play, we can tell, it is versatile.


I use it mainly coupled to an Avalon U5 and my body double markbass (littlemark2 and 4x10 inch tweet markbass +).
the sound is really great worry to slap fingers that, although I find the sound across a little cold, I must say my stuff is a transistor, not a lamp ^ ^ was unknown to my grated full: D
short, I am very happy with this bass, which sounds great, super comfortable, great finish and very pretty to the eye.
a really excellent bass especially for the price! (I got a new 1350euros)
delivered in a beautiful flight case SKB type.


I love everything about this bass, it is not perfect, but it comes close strong ^ ^
I already essey bass with a better sound but prices are 3 times ...
I also have a passive Jazzbass 5C USA I never leaves bcp since the acquisition of this bass, except a few exceptions or the type of Jazzbass can only be reproduced with the Ibanez, I want to say "normal".
the price / quality ratio is really huge for me it's a great deal and I remade this choice without hesitation.
short very very good bass at any point of view, that will make nompbreux happy no doubt.