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User Review

Acefreshley's review - Ibanez ADX120

Audience: Beginners
The ADX120 is made in China

_Corps Mahogany matte black (varnish trs enjoyable to the touch) with a binding black with a lightweight white border around the edges of the body and the handle itself RALIS trs.
the body is relatively small and lightweight (for a mahogany body). Lgrement greater than the Cort Moscato. This probably explains that the balance is pretty good.

_Cordier Crossing a bridge Gibraltar 3

_ A volume, a Tone switch three positions. All there is more classic.

Two humbuckers _ "VK"

_ Tailpiece and bridge across Gibraltar III (the association of the tailpiece through a set neck allows it to have a good sustain trs, noted for beginners sustain, simply put, is the hard rsonnance of the note, the longer the better!)

_ AD Manche al mahogany and varnished rosewood fingerboard, 22 medium frets type, with inlays "shark teeth" sticks pretty strictly

_ Mcaniques of SERIES (it might be the prfr grover found on many of today's class)

The finish is really more qu'honnte for the price! Yet the sticker oval sadly clbre dor, al the back of the head of the guitar "made in china" left prsager the worst ... Finally it's a really clean.


The handle is really enjoyable but it's really trs trs subjective! Each guitar has its preferences on the handle CHARACTERISTICS. Although qu'tant trs difficult on this point I t vritablement sduit.
Access in acute is of course facilitated by the shape. L trs I still demanding this as a lead guitarist. Access in acute, as the iceman is optimal.
If the design had openly discarded the guitar when I Discoveries like many on the net (I even hurl the massacre of the legendary iceman XD), once in hand I chang radically review While it remains far less visually sduisante the IC 400, but this change in design has strongly influenced the ergonomics! It is no longer a Mystras, everyone knows that the balance of traditional MODEL iceman is far from being exceptional. Here the balance is really good. It has a relatively small body, bigger than lgrement Cort Moscato, and lightweight. The interface is really good in the end even if you lose visual quality. The key is comfort, is not it?
The pickups are adequate without being exceptional (it would probably prfr of EMG of quality at home but hey Cort) is easily obtained without a well pchu be rough so far. They are better than other mics as plant mics BC Rich or X Fernandes to stay in the same price range.
Note that the 3-way slecteur forcment is positioned the best place (at the bottom right of the body) a person does not impede me because I change quite a few configuration during game but I can understand that it may be Gnant for someone who uses it regularly.


I play rock in the style of Aerosmith, Scorpions, Queen ... Trs is comfortable in this style, but style may be appropriate for a little more aggressive without problem.
Team is two humbuckers so it is more comfortable in forcment distortion but you can have fun even in its clear.
I use a Zoom G9.2.
The pickups are honntes but the guitar could have greater potential with better pickups (the violin is really good enough to consider a change of microphones)


The report price is really good quality, unimaginable a few years ago (especially for a made in china). It has a mahogany guitar (second best on it but it's still better than agathis) with mahogany neck with al binding, all done properly. It was thus largely trs for its 330 euros. If one hangs least Aesthetics of this model from the iceman, she knows trs well be forgiven for better ergonomics that dernire.
I left a priori ngatif frankly on this guitar and finally she told me once sduit hand. The best thing you have to do is to try it! curiosities at least ;-)