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[Musikmesse] Barco News at MM

Barco announces enhancements for the DL.3 digital light, the Axon Media Server and the DML-1200 digital light, and unveils two brand new products — the SDI-DMX Mixer Pro and the new “intellaspot XT-1.”

For the DL.3 digital light and the Axon media server, Barco advances the product line's core capabilities with new version 2.0 software — providing additional media streams, new features and additional creative effects. Included are new digital shutters, improved blending functionality, new diagnostic tools, an increase in the number of available graphic layers (from three to nine), and an overall enhancement that enables more effects to be used simultaneously. In addition, Version 2.0 software also improves legacy DL.2 fixtures with an additional media layer, new effects and new system diagnostics.

The SDI-DMX Mixer Pro is a hybrid switcher that offers users the ability to switch, mix and matrix four video inputs to four video outputs — directly from any DMX lighting controller.

The new intellaspot XT-1 is a lighting fixture designed to "offer remarkable innovations in optics, lamp configurations, high lumen output, energy efficiency, zoom range, and overall feature set" (no more info is available at the moment) and slated for release at the end of Q2.

Also on stage at the 2010 Pro Light and Sound are two additional Barco products that were recently released. The FQ-100, a fog generator, and the Cyberlight 2.0, an automated “moving-mirror” luminaire that produces 30,000 lumens of output.

Check out for more details.