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User Review

5kg of happiness ... - Reviews Kemper Profiler Rack

Rack (single)

It is so vast that frankly, I do not want to answer.
all connections are possible: simple jack, XLR, not forgotten the spdif.

we can control each output independently: put different eq, choose whether you want or not mutate effects, select the volume, mute or not the cab sim.

* One imput
* Quality of the buttons are scary (plastoc)
* The screen of my gameboy is better quality (if we increase the contrast, lines appear)
* Quality of the LEDs (some shine more than others)


use is VERY simple: plugs (do not confuse entered headset), we select the amp, hardly touched the settings and ... it sounds.

The manual is a little scary because of its length but it is very easy to access. We realize that this machine was designed by musicians and they are very responsive to requests for changes (via the forum or by email), so that at present, the machine arrives at version 3.0.

What is amazing is that this machine "absorbs" the sound chain and, magically, it is possible to change the cab! (Version 3.0 will make a copy of the pre-amp and cab separately), so if I have a mesa dual Profile (with cab) and that of 5150, I can share !!! cabs
Version 3.0 will allow those who play their cabs to be "exactly" the sound of the desired pre-amp.

is controllable midi (because after 3 years, the pedal kemper is not finished yet), so that our favorite DAW can tell him when changing channels (for example).

expected to make re-amping also (with synchronized stage!!)


The big debate:
here, it reproduces the sound of a sound recording, not the sound of the amp to the output of broadcasters. So imagine that your amp is in a room, and you, you listen to the sound via the monitor socket or via headphones. C'est ca that makes the machine!

And according to the profiles, there's no good (which can be useful in a mix ...) to the very very "PAF in your G ... even you drooling in" (which can also be very good in a mix .. .) .dropoff window

What is amazing is the reactivity vis-à-vis your guitar volume button and the kemper reacts like a real amp!

Compared to "lepou" well, when switching from one to the other, it does not account for the difference but if you play two, one on the kemper, the other on lepou ... the kemper frankly sounds better.

The effects sound great (except distortion): wah, pitch, delay, reverb, phaser, flanger chorus, gate, distortion, compressor .... there are 8 places for placing 4 before the amp, they are in mono (no delay or reverb) and 4 later in stereo (1 of 1 for delay and reverb, it remains vaus 2 stereo available locations). Everything is controllable midi well. The icing on the cake: 2 slot to directly control the volume and wah pedals are available via 2 volume / noon.


For sound: perfect!
For outputs: Perfect!
For the monitoring of developers, service and updates: Perfect! (Kemper exchanged a non-warranty machine because the user had 2 times the same failure that would ca ... ???)
To use: When we understood how they thought the machine: Perfect!
For utility Studio: Perfect
For use in Live: my back told him thank you, 5 kg and it plugs into the mixer (but guitarist loses the feeling of a real amp) and no difference seen: Perfect

Quality of the machine: cheap screen buttons cheaps, the rest looks solid and everything is replaceable (like a computer): Correct

I come to an average of "very good"

ps: in 20 years, this is my 2nd Kemper amp ... (very thoughtful purchase)