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User Review

xbassman_K's review - Tech 21 SansAmp PSA-1

The characteristics of this preamp was quite detailed in previous reviews, I think it is useless to go on it. So I'm going to say what I think ... But I put a 8/10 for the general characteristics of this rack because it is very comprehensive, serious and well made, but I am not the maximum score for 2-3 little things that annoyed me. I explain it further ...


The configuration is very simple, and you do not really need to limit the manual. The presets are pretty good too, except for a handful of them that are fairly anecdotal. But the presets are often very useful as a starting point when looking for a sound. I use it exclusively in my studio, never live. And this is my first review that is: no on / off switch which in my opinion is essential in the studio, all the rack generates a hum (probably the transformer) quite audible and unpleasant. Otherwise the connection bloated and quite pro is more than welcome in the use of studio ... I put 7/10 because of the switch and the noise!


The possibilities are many, almost infinite ... But usually we see still some "signature" sound everywhere. Is not it more embarrassing, because anyway the sound output is good, especially as I use it in conjunction with a formidable speaker simulation (Redwirez) which changes the situation quite a bit (or complete rather ...). Everything that goes crunch to heavy distortion is downright perfect, amazing even. However, I am not completely satisfied with this rack to make her beautiful clear, is a real amp is miles ahead. Or not completely convinced to use the beast with low also because it lacks a certain je-ne-sais-quoi to illusion, I much prefer in this case use a real bass preamp with real lights in (an Ampeg in my case) ... Otherwise he likes with all kinds of guitars (he has seen dozens ...), do not worry on that side then. I put a 9/10.


I received this rack as a debt there are more than 10 years! It was not new when I gave it, but in a state of nickel. There has never been a failure, although these days it tends to be a bit lazy (knobs and presets inactive for a few minutes after powering up, then everything falls into place ... weird). I put a 8/10 still missing due to the switch, noise and clear sound that could be better ... I would do surely experience, as it is now equipped with an on / off switch, but the question is if not a little outdated, and as the competition is tough and its price is not cheap, I would certainly listen competition before making a decision ...