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User Review

Metamorphosis - Reviews Vovox Drive 100 Drive Speakon

Value For Money : Excellent Audience: Anyone
This cable is used to connect a MarkBass me LM III head and a cabinet of the same brand Traveler 121H for several days.
I had different speaker cables before (Glockenklang, Cordial, Yellow Cable ... it also should immediately ban) on other config (EBS, GK, SWR), and there is magic, it ' is just incomparable in my ear.
It is true that my MarkBass, I went to the Yellow câbleuuaarrrgg Vovox so big gap, but it allows for the importance of the quality of the cables ... I find my stack even better by far.
It's expensive, but it's still, I think, a good quality / price ratio, definitely worth it.