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User Review

Content for my use - Reviews PreSonus FaderPort Classic

Use for over 2 years. Protools 9 at baseline and 10 currently on Macbook Pro 2012 and OS 10.9.

Accustomed to more pro solutions (ProTools HD2 with C | 24 in the post-prod), I was looking for a motorized fader and touch for use at home or mobile. After some research and user reviews, I stopped on the Faderport, and I do not regret it! Especially for the price that I wanted to put on and it cost me ;)

I need to pre-mix or act on writing automation with other mice, especially being a musician and sound designer (shorts, institutional, museum, audio book) with me in my modest home studio.

I love its simplicity, its motorized fader, stability and transport functions or some other.
I would have liked to have a direct access to the first plug in insert key example, with a possible increment in the inserts of the selected slice. Especially since in protools, a button is unused. But I quibble!

If I would do this choice? Yes, definitely, especially for basic functions I was looking for; never had a problem with (I know for others on the other hand ...) even after a flash EPROM. Only a message from time to time (but rare) telling me that my périf is offline: just disconnect and reconnect the usb it works again (it takes 1s). But I have the same problems with my other devices (a master keyboard)