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User Review

Excellent boost / overdrive - Reviews Ibanez TS9 Tube Screamer - Spur Sound - Modded by MSM Workshop

I will not dwell describe LA guitar effect pedal.
Often misused as an analog overdrive boost the lead channel.
Usable on AC or battery power by 9V Boss-type transformer.
An "in", an "out" and basta.
Activation / deactivation switch (true bypass?) Foot.


No need to book, Three knobs and 2 mini switches ...
A you grind it all to find SOUND!!
Classic and practical diet, it changes some shops pedals with wacky power supply.


Used as a boost for the lead channel of my head Carvin Legacy Vai signature. Javais a Benrod Light my fire so far, but it left me with a sense of unfinished business and I did not like his association with the lead head. I also tested with Benrod Goldbender but it "bordélisait" sound!!
TS9 This allows me to have the equivalent of 3 channels on the Carvin and a boost. settings are effective and switches really change the tone of the whole (not a gadget just to say that there are plenty of settings ...).
I used it with my Parker (Di Marzio), my strat (Bare Knuckles Irish tower), my JEM (Di Marzio Evo) and my Les Paul (Bare Knuckles Mississippi Queen P90) and ç afonctionne without pb. The sound of each guitar is respected and I have not noted specially breath. Same with my chain of effects (delay Providence, tuner TC electronics, Wha Dunlop, Digitech Whammy, Tone Factor Analogue filter 442, Volume Morley little alligator ...)


Bought OCCAZ there a few days ago, I finally found what I sought, and at a great price.
I never tested the original or other generic versions so I can not give a comparison except price very interesting especially for a "custom" model.
I urge you to test it to make your own opinion. In general, the TS9 does not usurp his huge success and I do it again this choice without worry.
This remains questionable green today, but it is part of the Legend