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User Review

A very good Maxon unit - Reviews Maxon OD-820 Overdrive Pro

Value For Money : Excellent Audience: Advanced Users
It's an OD stompbox in the purest Japanese tradition, used on guitars and synths, it makes both tube and solid state sounds shine, can't be compared directly with models from different ranges and/or giving different sounds.

A must have for classic rock and blues, it produces a soft, progressive drive, always accurate :bave: velvety sound.

The assorted reissue distortion is also a killer with high gains, harmonics flow out by themselves. On my shortlist for other sonic contexts.

Uses battery or a 9V supply, "reissue" format, pistachio green color that looks fine side by side with my two AD999 by the way.

Three very sensitive, progressive knobs, the OD works fine with my amp/pickup/volume setup.

THE SOUND: it's smooth, dense, homogeneous, creamy with a very efficient tone control.

Pros: reactivity, flawlessly built, simple to use, respects the incoming signal, true-bypass, designed to provide a very specific medium color, which is very much part of its appeal...

Cons: all ODs are known to eat out pat of the low end and this one is no exception, plus sometimes a little background noise at high level...

A choice to be made again ;)