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User Review

Mobile greedy - Reviews Edirol R-4

I used both for filming for the classical recital, the work once done you can unload the catch of the day in 15 minutes on a computer through USB (or that of your client).
Caution preamps blow quickly MIDI position, coupled with genuine pro preamps it's great. I often use the S / PDIF for enters with real preamps, this is more like it.
It can accumulate as a result of taking the 3:00 nonstop max and it is possible to reap long-term performances (eg Opera 4:00), then it will be possible to attach files to sample near the assembly; no audio missing between files.

It is very convenient to shoot with sound limiter débreyable entry to prevent accidental loadings, which is vital and that many devices do not have low prices.
The preamps may be sufficient if you do not need to fetch the source (do not exceed twelve o'clock position if it blows).
The number of tracks is configurable up to 4 (1,2,3,4 single or couple).
Battery for mobile use (4x LR6) I recommend to lots of rechargeable batteries that can hold 8:00 per day, taking care to turn off the lighting of the LCD consumes much turn. The LCD will still readable without lighting, but not in the noir.Il must make some efforts for a camera at this price accessible.
Registration is done on the Hard Disk, Drop copy card that lost a huge amount of time and energy, make a USB transfer is more efficient, the recorder does not do anything else and becomes then a big Hard Disk recognized by all existing computers without the need for drivers.
It will always save a new file so no danger of overwriting the old sockets.
It is possible to use internal processes and make mounting directly on the machine but it pump a lot of energy and it is quite laborious.

In my opinion it is accompanied by real preamps perfect for taking and a laptop for breaking down at the end of journée.ça almost 7 years that I use, I find it much more reliable than a computer at taken and it is always effective.
Do not ask him too much, it main quality is to make huge recording time (4 tracks) without interruption, which is not the case for all portable recorders, once your settings to point one forget the technique, we register and focuses on art. (No inadvertent change memory card or battery every hour)