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User Review

RaphRaymond's review - Edirol R-09HR

I use depuis3 weeks, to record rpeter rock, chamber music, jazz piano lessons my little things right and left ... I mostly chose to self (I am 7 am avecune pair of 2100mAh battery), its very compact size (more than other GENERALLY, 6cm wide and 11cm high) its clear display with peak-meters prsentet then still a little time for its sober look etlgant ...

What I like most is his discrtion, because of its color and size, it does not cause stress, really fits in your pocket and can therefore serve as a mp3 player. It helps me so enormously etje displaces rarely without. The audio quality of the camera is any good level, Pramper blow a bit but nothing mchant, only stereo is bad. Indeed it is very tightened, something happens Completely right not appear that half right.
The menus are very clear and I respect the instructions for two things: how to turn it on (yes it is strange but it must remain a long second pressing the power button, I have not used) and how to make bows (very useful for solo work on a grid for example).
To record "confidential" the quality is very honorable (RPET course ...), etc. to do something pro you better have a couple of microphone and Pramper ct to get a better stereo, otherwise the spaces are too poorly made.
The remote control can s'avrer practice, but with me it does not work more than 3 meters, and at an angle relative to the R-09HRce which is a bit stringent.
Last good point, handling noise is very well grs, you can walk with the recorder by hand without any worries, as long as we are not above rubbing either, and if is not supplied with a windscreen, you can still come out the same time "normal" (wind trslger) without a pool of bass on the plug. In addition there is a low-cut available directly on the back of the appliance with frquence is adjustable (80-200Hz I think ...). There is also a limiter, never used the phantom power, the hold function and a switch "mic gain: Low / High". This skips a voice recording or ambiancetranquille one rehearsal rock very easily, and thus allow regulation of the focus gain of more detail.

I am really very happy, I benefitted from a bundle thomann with cover and a 4GB SD for 300 or 350, for a musician who does a lot of things and a soundman who save likes gig is perfect, his only real black spot for moiest strophonique image when used alone, or nothing to say!