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User Review

One Of Best Amps For Money/Purpose - Reviews Roland Mobile Cube

Value For Money : Excellent Audience: Anyone
There's a lot of battery powered portable amps out there, or at least enough to do some serious comparisons. I own a Lunchbox Jr. and have played several others. The Roland is loud for its size but I wasn't able to use it when traffic noise got too loud in a street performance environment. It's got huge utility for its size with inputs, effects, etc.
The battery life is great.

What I wanted to write a review for is that it it has tone. The actual sound quality you get from this amp is better than the other battery powered amps I've used. Lunchbox JR. is impressive but it's heavier and has very few options. It does not have the same kind of tone. An Lunchbox Jr. has its own thing but I like the Roland sweetness just as a guitarist. Without any effects I can play through the Roland and it's going to work. I am putting Behringer tube and delay through the LB soon, it's going to be awesome but the Rolands have a little bit of something straight from the factory worth considering. I played with it for hundreds of hours in live street situations, made a good bit of cash using that Roland.