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User Review

This is it! - Reviews Apple iPod 80 Go

The Ipod has changed the face of the way we listen to music, everyone has an Ipod these days. This 80G Ipod has enough storage space on it for all of your music still with room to spare. The screen is nice big and bright for you to see extremely easy. I love the design , its very sleek and shiny. Slim as well, and can fit anywhere you need it to be. Ipod’s pride themselves on quality, this will last you a long time. I am going on 3 years with mine and haven’t had a problem yet and I am sure I never will. Itunes is a free software you can download with this, to manage all of your music or download and buy more. Even movies and TV shows and go on this Ipod. Not to mention games that you will have you sucked and make hours of your day fly by. Ipod’s price is very respectable not to high. Allows for anyone looking for an mp3 player to be able to afford this. Don’t waste your money on the heap MP3 players. Go with one that has been trusted for years and has all the specs and memory that this one has. This is basically like a computer in your hand, it can store so much music you wont need cd or the radio any more. They create so many other options for the Ipod like thing you can buy to make it play through your car stereo is a amazing. Apple never fails to create productions that us buyers love. I once had a cheap mp3 back in about 2004 all the up to 3 years ago. When I bought the Ipod, that mpc3 went in the trash. This is a truly amazing product, I take mine everywhere with me.