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User Review

What Else great product. - Reviews LD Systems DAVE 8 Roadie


Rating: 9/10

I'm not an avid writer.

Already equipped with sound equipment (PRO) but in another area, I was looking for a compact system for animating small meetings kinds birthday, Garden Party ... inside and outside (the Paris region). therefore easy to store in a corner of my basement and transported in the trunk of a 207 .... purchased online web well known German website.
I hesitated a lot before clicking the button because I had not had the opportunity to listen before and touch (but good knowing that the return was free ...) I took the risk and I'm HAPPY :-)

the Pros:

- Finish is clean, well finished, beautiful painting.
- Easy to move, comfortable grip
- The weight (not too heavy) so alone it's great.
- No fan makes noise (used in 80% it is hot but no worries).
- SOUND .... It's clean very clean, nice midrange treble balance is not garish not aggressive ... I love, and this system can be widely used to make monitor with a small Egalo to rigor for fussy.
- Side box, it works well, it's clean, perfect for ears 7-77 years, although I would not go to a Rave Party with ... If need more sound pressure at the bottom of the spectrum, I think adding a small active subwoofer can be the solution. but the goal was not to my eardrums with the lower spectrum explode, and then I wanted a compact system :-)
- TOP + mini table integrated mixer that connects ALL types of sources, even the mini jack, RCA, asymmetrical, symmetrical .... MICRO guitar ..... ideal for connecting a PC with its dock "DJ" to host a private party. for a small training field + guitar + keyboard .... it's just perfect (see photo). the only "fault" there is no power supply for the Phantom Mic .... (Hmmmm there is no need SM58!)

- Level settings (general + Sub level), quality knobs, the phase inverter of Sub is easy to adjust and quickly forgotten during the evening.

- Listed background noise, it is far, far away .... far more than I thought.


- Thomann quality cables supplied with the kit .... but hey I could make them myself but I did not want to leave the soldering iron ...

- The quality of the cover that is disjointed the first time I used it, and I'm not a "nag". but good at 3am when to store equipment, it has to be strong still a little bit thomann. good to say that sometimes I have no luck. Otherwise integrated casters the cover is handy.

- For the rest .... I'm still looking.

So to conclude,

You need a small system to make small anims (70 people) in a living area 200m ² average max .... Yes it works perfectly.

Need a bit of sound to accompany you on vocals and instruments in a Parisian cafe ... YES

Teen dancing in your living room of 50m ² or your Parisian apartment and share it with neighbors: YES

Do not bother with the son amps and can connect your PC, DJ mixer, a microphone a guitar: YES

Amplified for your electronic drum return: YES

BIGBASS a multimedia system to connect to your PC Gamer and immerse yourself in the sound environment of GTA! : YES

A film session outdoors? : YES

I share with them: NO :-)

I'm happy: YES

I would do this choice: YES

I regret not having bought a HK Nano: NO not at all, I listened to a show room :-) I prefer the Roady which is more cheaper ....