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User Review

Anonymous's review - JBL VP7315/64DPAN

SCV AUDIO, importer of the famous brand JBL fte 60 years this year, when prsentait siel 2006 high-end products of the Californian brand with a new series of JBL VP;

These speakers are amplified by the legendary CROWN brand as part of the legendary HARMAN group.

Beyond a simple amplification without knowing the brand of the amplifier, which is frquent, here is the whole dimension of synergy Harman reveals that, as the amplifier / HP is perfectly optimized. Rare.
This speaker range of good memories to remind "old timers" JBL sound engineers quinquagnaires warned, because the components of the series of reference ARRAY (this term t cr JBL and DPOS the late 80's) are utiliss and actualiss.
A very nice repre.

The range JBL VP is composed of 4 pregnant broadband 2200w peak (and real watts by Crown) for continuous 1100w supported by the DP. This module is the highlight of the series JBL VP because it manages AND signal processing amplifier.
The DP-2 Module two active channels develops a power of 1100 Watts continuously.
A report in this series the presence of a low quip box DP1 module that provides 1800 watts continuously.

The Drive Pack operate within a range of variable area (good thought) and under varying frequencies 50Hz 60Hz sector, a very great advantage for all land areas, including the tropics (West Indies, Caribbean, Santo Domingo, Cuba ..)

Each speaker integrates a CROWN amplifier working in class I with an absolute bonus heat dissipation.
So, no need fan.
JBL once again breaking new ground with this product vou a pretty nice future of its construction very well made, and exceptional sound quality inhrente to JBL products for 60 years.