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User Review

A sure thing! - Reviews Beyerdynamic Opus 81

Condenser mic +48 V supply thus mandatory.
I use it now for 3 years as a vocal mic live and studio


I tested the sm58, beta, sennheiser 845 ... I was ready to splurge on a beta 87 when I was attracted to this baby.
At first it takes a slight adjustment period after having been in the habit of 58.
It is super accurate and does not forgive anything, but once the investment is acquired, we can not 'go in, it is very true to what you make it back, has an amazing ability to collect carefree landing huge sound levels (I have a fairly large trunk at the voice ...) and do not be reluctant to place on record the coolest :)
Good rejection to feedback, it has its own place on stage and is much less sensitive to plosives and sibilants that the beta 87.