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User Review

Good Arranger / sequencer - Reviews SoundTrek Jammer Pro 6

This is an arranger who is based midi sequencer.
Competitor of BandInbox, it differs significantly.
As BandInbox or yamaha QY100 is determined after agreement, and choose a style that applies to a part / section of the composition.
Styles are split into intro, groove1, groove2, fill1, fill2, ending

This is a real midi sequencer with piano roll, event list noon and humanizes quantize, transpose, ...
Unfortunately no vst or audio track! No sound module delivered using its internal table (microsoft twelve o'clock bank) or an external expander.
Comes with 2900 grooves styles
You can change styles / tempo during the song and put bearings drums.
You can create your own styles and can create styles by analyzing MIDI tracks
You can add / delete musicians in a compos
You can add these specific tracks (play / modified)
You can open a midi file and export midi

Paid 29euros update from Song Maker, or in any 60euros

PC, no pb install
Looks a bit old, correct manual


The app is very Light Coats and only a few MB

Comparing with BandInbox it moves away significantly and we are here in the spirit of a sequencer / arranger as QY100. In fact, you can change styles short, you can add / delete musicians can create their own styles and especially can add your own sequences.
Not only can be used to support, but it is also an aid to composition.
You can start with a midi file or has already create a melody / rhythm and adds a style or musicians to accompany us, and is exported while the afternoon to finish composting (mixing, adding bank of his / vst ...)

Compared to a BandInbox which became very heavy and incorporates its own banks, the sound is below Jammer and less immediate than BandInbox. But it is impossible to accommodate in BandInbox, and it became difficult to export midi (some styles are realstyle Bib impossible to export and export audio is not used much except for a possible live accompaniment)


After many years of using jam 3, especially to play (coaching), so I decided to update
The better news to be good midi sequencer (piano roll, quantize / humanize) but unfortunately incomplete.
The fact that there is no vst, no audio, no automation, no step ... limit the creation and should be used in addition to another soft music.
We feel that development is frozen and it's a shame.
But it remains very well in his style arranger / sequencer and a unique soft market.