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User Review

A good overall tool - Reviews Universal Audio Neve 88RS Plug-In

He moved with all UAD2 plugins.

Once the purchase is made and the authorization file updated, the plugin is used in the Apollo or insert your favorite DAW.

The PDF manual is very detailed and provides all information needed to use it.


I turned on a mac pro quad with UAD2 DUO PCIe card and a quad in the Apollo.

It is a relatively undemanding plugin since we can put 48 stereo instances (Mono 70) on a UAD2 Duo. Usually it is enough to treat a whole mix.
SSL ChannelStrip compared is 22 stereo instances of similar functions.


This plugin modeled filters, dynamics and EQ section of the Neve 88RS console.
It is therefore in the Neve early 2000s, and the functions are comparable to 8801 rack.

Warning, this plugin does nothing simulates the preamp or distortion amplification stages. Thus, this plugin has no impact on the sound as it does not deal with (unlike the Moog pultec, fairchild them that color even without treatment).

It is clearly in the ChannelStrip plugin that simulates the analog level of ergonomics, temporal data, etc..

In practice this is a great channel strip to quickly process a source. I use it mostly on battery, noisegate works very well once you have learned to use the EQ is very pleasant to use.

The main drawback of this plugin is that the screen is not accurate.
In logic, if you change the presentation "controls" mode, where the parameters are listed without the interface, we realize this inaccuracy.

So you put the cup down to 150Hz, in reality it is 75. That said, at 12dB/oct, filtering means beyond ...
Same for the EQ, you put a dent in 6K and in fact you're at 2.5 K.
So to settle mainly in the ear, and certainly not to the eye.

Finally, the compressor does not have adjustable attack time (well, a normal mode and a fast mode) and is rather "uncompromising" genre. It can quickly crush the signal.

Overall, I am very satisfied with this plugin, especially since I got to -40% in a promo AU.