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User Review

Simple compressor for drums - Reviews Waves Eddie Kramer Drum Channel

Eddie Kramer is one of the world's most famous music engineers and producers. He's worked with everyone from Kiss to Hendrix and everyone in between. Waves has been working in conjunction with a lot of these famous producers to create plugins, so it's no wonder that this was created. The plugin takes an EQ/compressor approach to mixing with an all-in-one design. The plugin has knobs for sensitivity, gate, compress, bass, treble, output and fx. It also has buttons for bass drum, snare, hi-hats, overheads, toms and room.

The plugin is very simple to use. To utilize this, just put this on whatever drum busses you may have for the overall mixing and mastering. I've never read the manual, but it's not really needed with this as it's such a simple to use plugin.


Waves is the king when it comes to things like stability and performance. This plugin is great at using very little RAM and processing power. Considering there may be multiple instances of this plugin being used, that's a life saver. It's also very stable. I've never experienced a crash in relation to this program, and I've had probably seven or so instances of it on various drum channels. There is one problem, however. It's a 32 bit plugin. In today's world, most computers are moving towards 64 bit OSes and DAWs. Because of that, your DAW needs to run a special bridge application to utilize the 32 bit plugin in a 64 bit environment. Ideally, I'd like to do away with that, and I'm hoping Waves makes these all 64 bit compatible in their next update. I've been using the Waves Mercury bundle for the past six or so months now.


This is a fairly solid plugin, but I find that it's extremely limiting when it comes to producing drums the way I like to do them. It delivers a solid sound, but it's usually not the sound I'm looking for. It works nicely for rock, but when I'm doing metal, there are a bunch of different tricks I have to do, and I'm constantly dealing with mixing triggers and acoustic drums. I just find that my method is a bit better than utilizing this plugin on all my drum channels.