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User Review

Audiofanzine FR's review - Fender Deluxe 900 DSP

(Originally written by Vicente121/translated from Audiofanzine FR)

Solid-state 90-watt Fender amp with two channels (clean / drive) plus a "more drive" knob, effects, DSP voicing presets (5 or 6 presets like "bright", "dark", etc. in addition to "flat"). One 12" Celestion Custom speaker.

Guitar input, preamp output, amp input, footswitch connector for the included footswitch (3 switches: clean/lead, lead/mode drive, effects on/off).

Effects: Chorus, delay, reverb, flanger, tremolo. Integrated tuner (good).

Separate EQ for the clean and drive channels.
Two volume, one drive and one master knobs; comprehensive but nothing extraordinary.

I miss a presence control.


Very easy to use, no headaches. Plug in, turn the knobs and play. Effects setting is a bit more complicated: with one encoder you select the effect type (reverb, chorus, flanger, etc. plus effects combinations like reverb/delay), and with two other encoders you set the effect level and depth. I miss a Tap function for the delay).

I didn't need the user's manual.

I don't use DSP presets a lot because they alter the color of the sound. I always play with the "flat" preset.


The sound is good. And that, in my opinion, is the amp's strongest point. For me it's a practicing tool, I just plug in my guitar and play. I'm already used to its strengths and weaknesses.

You get the typical Fender clean sound with a good twang but not much warmth... it's not a tube amp. The sound becomes loud too fast. The drive channel produces a very good and progressive crunch sound. It sounds very good with an OD pedal as a booster. It's the amp's best channel. It suits perfectly my Strat. I like to experiment with different sound colors and play around with the volume knob.

With the "more drive" setting, the tone becomes muddy, a bit too fat but it does extend the amp's sound range. I really like this channel. It doesn't sound accurate but it does gives a lot of sustain. It has a vintage quality to it, like a fat overdrive effect. It really does deliver 90 watts!


I bought it in 2006 and still play it every day. It's rugged and a bit heavy but it seems to be indestructible. The speaker is good.

I bought it when I started to play guitar again after a 10-year break. I was looking for a plain and sturdy practice amp. I play with other musicians and the amp gets by pretty good because it's very powerful. But I plan to buy an all-tube amp soon to have a blast at parties.
Good value for money. I would certainly but it again for this purpose.