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User Review

Faber_FDM's review - Fender Princeton 65

2-channel amplifier. Reverb.
Equalizer two bands.


The qualizeur two bands is very efficient. It's not like a Marshall: here the knobs are very sensitive and are obtained difffrents sounds radically following the path of the knobs. So you must be very late in rglages and attention to treble.
This amp is very easy to use.
Its 65 watts are not galvauds. It can be muted in repeats and very well for club gigs and small venues. At home, the knob will be maintained between 0 and 1 to stay friends with her neighbors and avoid a stay in the police station !!


I play with a Fender Lead II and an Epiphone Flying V
The clean sounds are really very good, and we are in the transistor !! Of course, do not compare with a Fender Reverb Twi ... but for the price, we obtain directly the sound unmistakable Fender 1000.
For the saturated channel I can not say much because I prefer to use a good effect pedal (Boss BD-2) that supports my amp perfectly.
I'll just say that does not seem to me at all ashamed, as the saturated ... if you like the White Stripes, he does it very well !! However, it is quite difficult to get a crunchy sound or bluesy ... but for an indie-rock is very good.
The rverb is okay.


An incredible price-quality ratio, especially at the price o used is found.
Ideal for rehearsals, it is also very powerful for concerts. I played the Java (room 450) and the portard has not surpassed 2 !! Everyone told me that I had a good sound. So it makes perfect illusion. Strongly advisable accompanied good effect pedals.