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User Review

Bad - Reviews Marshall MG30CFX

30W transistor amp. Integrated effects. Headphone output and footswitch, no output for external speaker!


Configuration is very simple, there is a manual, but frankly I feel they take customers for belated first "Treble control: turning down the treble decrease, which will have the effect of sweeten your sound. " To get a good sound, is another matter.


This amp is not suitable at all my style of music (metal). I play with a Charvel and Ibanez equipped with EMG 81/85. Both channels of distortion are just awful! Drafts and too much breath. We can not do anything with it. Clear its still happening. The crunch it can still go ... Effects, I never use, I use a ZOOM G2. Without pedals, we can say that this amp does everything, but nothing well.


I use it for about 6 months, and finally it serves rather amp relief when a friend come play with me and did not bring his. Before buying it I was playing on an Orange crush 15r, so necessarily store the sound seemed better than my amp. I bought three months later a Line 6 spider valve mkII 212, it is perfect! With experience, I do not have that choice and would buy a tube amp directly.