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User Review

Roland Jazz Chorus 120 Amplifier - Reviews Roland Jazz Chorus JC-120

I bought this unit at Guitar Center for about $650 US

Great sound, great speakers, great chorus effect. Sparkling as any Fender Amp.

Some very cheap construction features. The input jacks (4 of them, two channels High and Low inputs) were plastic junk soldered to a circuit board with two resistors with a plug to the rest of the circuit. The plug idea is very good, but the plastic jacks fell apart after 2 months of careful use!

I replaced each with metal ones which I soldered to the board and they are fine now. The cost of the new jacks was 6 dollars and a little work.

Now I am extremely disappointed that Roland didnt have enough sense to put in metal jacks for 6 frigging dollars! I would have gladly paid 6 dollars more for the amp!

This kind of cheapened construction in an otherwise fine instrument is a real turn off.

What do I have to do, every time I buy one of their products, change the jacks? Lucky for me I am an electrical engineer and knew what the hell to do! For anyone else it would have been a hundred dollar repair bill.

I understand that I could have, under warranty sent the unit back and they probably would have repaired it - with the same plastic crap that broke in the first place.

Smarten up Roland! People shell out good money and you ruin an excellent instrument by saving a few cents on the part that takes the most wear on the thing.

See above comment on what I dont like about the unit. Otherwise it is fine.

Great instrument, with major stupid flaws that are quite preventable with common sense!

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