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User Review

Shovel aging badly - Reviews Ibanez EDR470EX

Made in Korea.

Floyd rose bridge imitation.

Channel motorway at yamaha, probably white wood maple, rosewood fingerboard.

22 frets, three microphones "EMG design" to act as if it was active at the forefront of technology, but ultimately it is passive high volume output (which is quite interesting actually).

A general volume, a general tone, a classic selector 5 positions.


The handle is nice yes, it's even more enjoyable that I could play it at home is fast, it slides alone, we do not force strikethrough, or for anything, really ibanez handle is remarkable.

ergonomics standard was the key word in the series, except for the fact that it is a bit heavy with his body weird polymer is a beast Compete in the matter.

good access to acute, without realizing we are already at the end of the handle.

Level, the position of the microphone associated with the selector can be about anything that happens, it is very versatile, with a large output level. To have a good sound, you also need a good amp behind, but the overall characteristic that emerges from the sound of this guitar is a little synthetic grain, a little typical electric guitar sounds years synthesizers ....


at the time I played everything from brassens Rage against the machine, so his versatility has helped me and she reached out her mesh a lot of situations.

I played on a marshall MG100 to everything without much conviction, a Gretsch Electromatic where there can not be too much since we really happens with strong saturation a bit unpleasant, if it gives a plexi we quickly get a shredder competition, and an AC 15 does things but it is not too mind.

I liked for its synthetic side shredders are typical, but I went to other musical heaven once she expect in a closet a second life.


I used almost 3 years, the frets were quickly dug the blocks rope is worn out, I was forced to replace it with another, the floyd is also used, the knives are distorted, knobs began to crack.

It was my first electric guitar, a choit focused on versatility, but floyd was a bit complicated to manage.

I liked its modern side, facing the future, but today I criticized his lack of "vintage". Given the "damage," I intend to give it new life by blocking the floyd with a stopper (the clapton), and making a fretless (in the spirit of vigiers), but without much conviction, I will an edict if the result is good.