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User Review

Good violin! his big opportunity - Reviews Ibanez SZ520FM

Guitar made in korea
Gibraltar III bridge
Mahogany set neck
Mahogany body
Maple table (I think)
22 frets tiny
Microphones ibz / duncan humbuckers X2
Split 3 positions
2 volume 1 tone


The handle is very comfortable, quite round D, it has a special feature, it is extremely robust. Grants in 13/60 OD loosens the truss rod thoroughly handle does not bend.
Handle so pleasant, the frets are too thin for me, was the twelfth fret was elevated which was curling whatever adjustment.
Heavy guitar like that in place by the strap.
Access to treble resources, with large hand etched body is not enough space to handle.
Damage to the collar raised on my model ..


My note on the sonority would account only the guitar mics of origins.
Micro no souls, no dynamic, just for the ultra light rock.
Sounds good light.
No I have nothing to say on the microphones, they are really cans.
A change.
Once changed to a Seymour HS-8 and I TB10 puts a 8 although deserved.


I've used 3 years, I've had in 4th guitar.
A very good handle very robust cash without taking the very big big adjustment.
The frets are very thin, you have to love ..
The violin is very good quality! mahogany! It sounds very heavy with a seymour SH8 in rack! At this time the guitar is no longer the same, it goes from poor shovel a guitar that sends heavy.
Many bass sound very dull
Of very good mechanical bills that do not require change.
Easel well be without, it is flat, comfortable although diffuse vibrations but the bridge is flat and the handle has a radius ...
Handle bomb and flat bridge, looking for the error.
So if the string action is good on some, it will be on to other buzzante ca ... And there is nothing to do ...
C is a very good guitar for the metal even if the muzzle of the machine seems not ny.
After having changed the pickups recess.

bridge not suitable for the neck radius
A twelfth fret Raised the box
Frets too thin

If I calculate my note was adding 3 tests and dividing by 3 days get 6.
But what are the origins of microphones gache note, I do not want my account calle fret evil that was probably a fault of mine.

Taking into account a model without fret and moldy after a change of pickups, I put an 8 because it's well worth c is a great guitar with a very heavy sound.

But -2 for the bridge and tiny frets.