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User Review

Anonymous's review - Lace Music Holy Grails

Reu this morning, Mount in the crowd.
APRS have chang I do not know how many times the pickups (Texas spcialCs / Noiseless vintage and hot, GFS overwound etc etc) on my Start U.S. standart think I finally have found the set I needed micro .
First of all they are silent, totally, not a parasite nothing about any position.
The sound is close to the fender standart microphones that is to say that there's quite a good round that keeps a lot of slamming, but no fat at all (like overwound or spcial texas trs are good but many SRV connotes too my taste).
I was looking for his "Gilmour", well I think that I approach with this set
inspired by the old Fender vintage (hence the name "1954 vintage sound) without the background noise.

Trs interesting report quality price (bought on Ebay for nine U.S. fdpin 126).

I do it again this choice without hsiter