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User Review

dj-math's review - Hungaroflash QUASAR LE VRAIS

It is small but it is one of the most powerful strob market.
The quasar Atomizes an atomic 3000 (in the case of the mdr dir)
Its flash spit near 57,000 joules. He needs a Alimi alone.
This strob must be used by people of consient AC power he should certainly not be used in a small room. Personal I use it in a big club asser a 6 or 7 meters high and is gradiose effects. But I use it only on effects of being blind (in any case the blind and limited to 3 seconds) and on very short burst. At the wane some limits on the beat but not too long.

Conclusion strob is a great club for the great outdoors and asser big show reserved for experienced users of the danger that can contain the beast occazionné 150,000 lumens it hurts