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User Review

Los Teignos's review - Modson Kreative

I use it for a few weeks to replace my old Ikea desk that I had overcome a formwork to support cobbled together quickly to screens (24 "16/10 and 19" 4/3 in portrait) and speakers (PreSonus Eris 8). I also said that this is the first time I go to the studio oriented furniture, so I am not able to compare with competitors Modson.

Sober and well finished with rounded that soften the austerity of the whole and make it more ergonomic than a right furniture (the curvature of the plate can simply lean on the latter, in particular), this office provides dedicated amount small thoughtful details for use in studio or home studio. More berries 2x3U housed under the shelf or supporting screens and speakers that are perfect ear height in the case of monitors 8 ", available on the main board enough room to install everything was need: control surface or small mixer, monitoring and master controller keyboard as needed, while a retractable shelf allows you to place the computer keyboard under the table.

Properly assembled, the office does not vibrate and adding foam key locations (especially in the feet) reduces resonances and conduction serious, which is a very good point. Only real lack of this model, the inability to adjust the desk height, which can be inconvenient for tall people, a fortiori when the sliding table is installed. For the rest, there is not to say there is certainly above the cost of a standard Ikea desk, but it is well above also in terms of comfort as fitness for a price that seems quite relevant.