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User Review

sinclar's review - AKG K 240 Monitor

This headphone is a legend, as the SL 1200, SM 58 or MA 1200 Amcron ...

I bought it in 1989, I used canned in the evening when that role is not on my synths etc and he is always there and yet he took shots so I do not understand too some comments about its reliability because I find it very reliable as flexible at the arch!
It is a monitoring headphones, dj headphones or not audiophile and this, its application is accurate. It is not flattering and was not designed for that, but what sweetness, what neutrality ... It is very comfortable and lightweight and can keep long hours on the head without any fatigue, even hearing.

It is a headphone that puts things in my flat, it avoids all the excesses especially compared to today's headphones. When you tame this headphone and the headphone is going on more efficient and flattering, but the 240 seems dull in the long run is the 240 which is right and puts things in their places without tearing your eardrums , that's his strength.

This headphone is a philosophy of sound all by himself for 25 years, we must know the proper use (mixing, home listening, synthesizers, home studio)

And what style! I love this headphone and I compare it to others that I use to know DT770, Pioneer 5000, and 560 sennheiser ovation (which is also my second favorite headphones)

studio version is better but because 55ohms 600ohms is still huge!