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User Review

A must have for the Mix / Mastering - Reviews KRK KNS 8400

How long have you use it?

Just 4 hours, yes I know it is not to make a more objective test but I was so surprised exceptional quality that I could not help but share my enthusiasm for this product.

Have you tried many other models before buying it?

Yes AKG K-271 STUDIO (made in Austria) I have since 2006, which is an excellent
headphone also but for some reason I do not know yet, but become difficult to keep on
head over 1h for a few weeks (effect ears that heat + pressure of the bow, and that although I changed the foam / inner pads and pads.)

What is the particular feature you like best and least?

+ The quality of the rendered neutral and the right balance of the audio spectrum and the stereo image.
+ The perfect comfort for a headphone of this type even for head / ears the most demanding
+ Its light weight.
+ The possibility of replacing many detachable parts for wear over time.
+ The ability to fold flat for storage atria or transport.
+ Carrying bag and cloth antibacterial cleaning comes with.
+ The price (125 Euros)
+ Its look

- The price of the replacement part (€ 49.00 the pair of pad, 19,95 € spiral cable)
The cumulated thereof rather quickly return to the price of a new headphone.
- The inability to buy it in the U.S. where prices are more reasonable.
- The rarity to find a store in Europe selling replacement parts only
I know sells, but you will not have any (no pads for the arch example)

How would you rate the quality / price?

Very good

With experience, you do again this choice?

If my budget can afford me, I will take a second pair of the KNS 8400

If you pick a specific, neutral headphones with a balanced report without flattering and comfort
faultless, then go ahead, you'll get your money because this headphone is a gem to the mix
and mastering.

What do you use this headset (sound recording, mixing, mastering, live, studio ...)?

I mainly use this headset to create my compositions.
It is essential to me to have more precision when mixing and mastering.

What music do you listen to?

Mainly trance, techno, and progressive house

Its coatings are they nice?
Fits there easily to your head and your ears?
Do you find it tiring during extended wear (headband too tight, holding warm ear?)

The coating is very nice, the headband fits very well to my "big" head and my big ears.
It is much less tiring to wear my AKG K271 Studio, I unfortunately never happens to bear a few weeks.
I have tested that for 4 hours but I do not have the unpleasant feeling of ears that heaters and want to remove it unlike my AKG.
The headphone itself is light to carry and you will not have this unpleasant pressure that can be felt on other closed headphones or fatigue bear.

The headphone you seem weak or strong?

At first glance, it seems fragile, it seems tough to hit you over time if it held the road.

He has a detachable connection?

Yes this is one of its strengths.
You can change the pads, change the connection cable straight cable or spiral, changing the foam headband and even buy the volume control if it should be changed for x reasons (lost, damaged awkwardly).

Its appearance or performance have they deteriorated over time?

The I still can not do anything I did that for two days when I write these lines.

The audio quality of the headphones you she looks good (serious overall balance, middle, treble, stereo)?

Frankly, from the first listen you will take a masterful slap you and I weigh my words.
Although mine is just a few hours of use the meter, rendering the audio spectrum is really neutral, clean and well balanced.
I confirm that at first he tends to pull a bit more in the treble, but after a few hours of use it all eventually set up and balance.

You sound level seems too low or too high?

Difficult to answer because everything already depends on the volume of the sound source, but in a general
it is widely powerful turn to see 83dB (which I do not recommend if you want to preserve your hearing).

What will become of sound insulation (do you hear outside noise from your headphones, and is what people hear the music you listen to)?

It insulates very well despite his appearance that might suggest otherwise.