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User Review

a nice surprise - Reviews Sennheiser HD 202

I have been using it for several months now.

I have two others:
- A Numark HF125 that I paid 10 € for. It is light and cheap, but honestly it cannot measure up to the HD202. Lots of bass and no treble, balance is wrong, any deaf / choking. In short it is still in my drawer!
- Sennheiser HD238 - very nice although a bit fragile. The sound is finer, more balanced and detailed. But the price is not the same either (70 €).

The design is simple, gotta love plastic! It is strong and that's good:)
In the beginning when it is new it is a bit hard on the head, but softens with time, you don't end up thinking about it.
The three-meter cable makes it ideal for all uses. Nothing to report at the jack - it is basic but solid.

I bought the base for my mp3 on the PC and finally I used for everything every day, especially to mix! Performance is good, so unlike others you can use it on an mp3 without having to push it, it sends fine.

Regarding the sound, the bass is the game! I try not to push too hard too long or my ears tired. A moderate level is not a problem.
The mids and highs are also present, neither too little nor too much. In the end the sound is more than good for a headset at this price. I rediscovered the pleasure of listening to music while being well isolated from background noise.
As stated Gonta, it seems that lows soften with time. It's not so bad!

The quality / price is tip top!
If tomorrow I was messing around, I'd still recommend the same. I am not an audiophile that's for sure, but at this price point, I think it must be really difficult to not be satisfied!