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User Review

Super deluxe for cheap - Reviews Superlux HD668B

I use it for a few months, and I intend to keep the maximum possible time, it is a well know his stuff. This is my first "real" headphones for the studio, before I had lambda style skullcandy headphones, JVC ... I think that when he let go of me, I repeat one, I like the detachable cable, for my use it is perfect, even after long hours, it does not tire the ears and this is significant ... For 30 € frankly it's price to pay for what is. I strongly advise

I use this headset for the home studio, so work on MPC sampling, listening to vinyl ... I also use it as a multimedia headset with me, I still around his neck.
The cushions are nice, after a short break-in period or it must be removed after 3/4heures because it hurts a little to the ears, it is often overlooked, even when there's more music :)
I listen to a lot of Hip Hop, but also the rock / blues / folk, reggae, jazz, electro ... For all that it suits me

It is foldable and has a bit fragile air, allowed home in the home stud and all is well in my opinion should not be too much lugging. The cable is detachable, super plus when driving on the cable with an office chair or being walked on, interchangeable at will, with a little clip to hold the cable, I'm not using it all fits comfortably alone.

I do not have perfect pitch but I like the sound, the spectrum is broad and well defined, the stereo image is very good as I have found.
The noise level is as it should, 56ohms is in the standard which he cashes the high volume of my mixing desk and my phone is not to push a background.
It is a semi open, nothing else to add ...