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User Review

perfect! - Reviews Pendulum Audio PL-2

limiter type "brickwall" mastering for
circuit uses MOSFET or Jfet choice, there is an Input, Ouput and one that defines Ceiling or find the limit not to exceed!


well we can not do much more simple 3 buttons linkables stereo


just perfect, so that when we did the same thing with a waves L2, we see that all this is done, it thickens the lower midrange and it quickly becomes filthy. Nothing here, no color change, up to 4 dB limit we hear almost nothing, for my part, a slight preference for the mode MOSFET, which seems more sweet! but it is very lightweight as difference.


hour or almost everyone uses to limit its mix plugs (Waves L2 etc ...), there are not many analog machines capable of doing both and far exceed the plugs of Moreover, it allows to use a chain analog mastering and enclose it with a conversion without clipping.