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User Review

09:squeal's review - Marshall 2502 JCM900 Master Volume [1990-1992]

This is an amp and specifiers single down on a mkIII JCM 900 Master Volume 2502, is - say a 50W single channel with 2 Celestion G12T-75.

But VHM tried over the same change as they do on the JMP and JCM 800.

Part Entirely preamp is changed by a custom preamp of VHM. The amp is then equipped with 2 channels, with volume and gain for each channel, but a common equalization boost treble and bass boost for each channel can be activated instantly using the potentiomtres " Push-Pull "(ie 4 Push-Pull total)


The config is pretty simple and rapidly obtained gnial sound with this amp, the rglages, unlike the unit to which it is low are trsractifs!


So it s great!!

On the first channel (clean / crunch) with the gain 3 / 4 and a Start ', we can get clean sounds that tend to attack ... we crunch ds it is not far from the style-M. Ideal for blues and blues-rock!!

But the second channel (lead) is also monstrous: I plug in my Hamer Standard U.S. (type Explorer) and you get sound rock and Hard Rock gniaux!!

Although sr, the reverse is equally gnial (the strat 'with the lead channel and Hamer with the channel clean / crunch)


I bought a year ago and 1 / 2 directly in VHM and modified dj silent but I do not regret my choice. I made the same btisse to sell but I could buy a few months after!

This amp is unique, so do not go to the same WHV, they will say "no" because it has a long and hard t develop. This modif ', they do make the JMP and JCM 800 single channel