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User Review

Great! simply! - Reviews Marshall Class 5 Combo [2009-2010]

In terms of features, they are widely detailed by other opinions.


Having bought the amp used (with Audiofanzine way) I did not have the manual, but I think it is of no use! with 4 buttons, volume and three equalizers, nothing more simple, outputs for speakers or headset / earphone! Perfect for any use. Only downside: a very significant vibration at low frequencies when the master reaches 5 for the home studio, it is very annoying ...


The sound is just beautiful! Warm and bright at the same time, the hp is very well made, with my Mexican Strat (with microphones mounted pickups Klein 53 ', which has the same sound suddenly an American), the record is great, as soon as the master than 4-5! Live (only for small live, because the volume is relatively low, even if for a 5 watt, volume is stunning), with the master of 9 is a killer! Simply. I play mostly in the bridge position because with this amp, it seems that acute microphones make it particularly well. With this kind of amp you can play blues or jazz, or even the rather soft rock (ballad and others) for the hendrix, it will push the master above 5 to find a sufficient gain, otherwise you need an overdrive pedal (I use a Boss SD-1). Note that the bass is very present on this amp (for my taste), which is not a bad thing since there for landing, it is enough to put in the bridge position, or use the three buttons equalization of the beast !


I use it for 1 year now, this is my first tube amp, I bought it after having tested more than a dozen, the marshall class 5 which I immediately liked it!

The value for money seems very good to me. if the volume sounds too low, you can always plug in speakers, or record the sound of the amp with a microphone and plug it into the mixer, a short sale that I do it again without hesitation! !