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User Review

A worthy descendant of the JCM 800 - Reviews Marshall JCM601 [1997-2000]

JCM 601 60w Combo 1hp 12, all lamps (4 ECC83 and 2 EL34 in prampli Svetlana) 2 switchable channels each with its own volume switch (+ gain on the lead) bass, middle, trebble, reverb + effects loop volume , master presence and the rear.

Footswitch jack in faade, effects loop / external output / DI the rear.


Having jou dj on 100w JCM 800, JCM 900 100w and 50w Silver jubilee I can objectively compare: the rglages indpendants for each channel are super practical and above all it is a low volume amp playable because the master is progressive trs (the 100w jcm 800/900 in mind to play at home than to have no family nearby + (trs) Tolra ...)
Button prsence the rear may be surprising.


In terms of sound, it's good trs Marshall (MA or not Haze Made in Asia I've heard).
The clean channel is ok and not easy to cruncher, but more is its lead channel INTERESTED: a beautiful jcm 800 type saturation but boosts and reminds me of my jubilee in less aggressive: a beautiful trs grain typical of the brand.
The reverb is enjoyable but I use some trs


An excellent amp mconnu, trs polyalent which allows to play home and send scne, with Marshall's (we like it or not) for a low price secondhand trs: a case but I think in a few years the prices will go up!