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User Review

After a few mods, great amp - Reviews Marshall JVM215C

Well, everything has been said below, no need to add more.


Very easy to use.

The manual is clear and well explains the position lamps preamp.

Easily a good sound is obtained. The equa not super accurate either: it is not the mesa.

Personally, I like to limit the amount of channels and compensate with the master. Including the OD channel, it limits the gain a little pig that this amp sends too quickly and allows the guitarist to better qualify their hit / attack.


So me it suits me perfectly. I play quite a lot actually (jazz, funk, metal) but my specialization remains the big rock.
My guitar = an EC 22 of 94 PRS.
However, some mods are required:

1) Change (at least) the V1, V2 and V5 preamp. Ideally change "all" lamps.
I do not know where Marshall went for their lamps but it is the cat.

2) In V2 (or V1), I put a 5751.
PS: I think the 12AY7 really remove too much gain when put in V1 and make the amp too dry.

3) Change the HP damn! The G12B-150 they have is a fucking crap. It sounds like this draft is not permitted, especially when we send the saturated fat.
on the other hand, in Jazz he is doing pretty good surprisingly enough.

For my part, I put a Celestion Creamback 75 (G12H75), which can collect 75 watts so it does.
I think it goes particularly well with this amp.
- It is clear, which makes it very effective for solii.
- Pretty sharp not screaming for a penny.
- Good record of mediums (handy for a marshall which is shielded)
- Good bass without that resonate too dark result (unlike its little brother the G12H30).
- A good compromise between vintage and modern, although in jazz, he does not do too much.

I had the choice between that and a V30. But the V30 in a 1x12 missing low ... not my delirium.
on the other hand, if I take a cab pti 2 * 12 Moreover, it is very likely that I foute one.
The V30 is fine to "amp" but not to "combo": D

To return to the amp itself, its 6 channels really offer a lot of possibilities.
It is a box to do everything but with the Marshall sound.

Of course there are better amp level.

For example, the distortion of a good JCM 800 is better (provided they burst the eardrums). However, versatility level, the JCM800 is very far behind, not to mention his ridiculous clean.

Ditto for the plexi.

His black cab this point is really missing low, but it is the common lot of combos.
At home we do not care but as a group, must be prepared to invest in a 2 * 12 more. As a head, anything :)
Black Point # 2 = reverb is worse than average ....

Finally, I could compare it with the Fender Supersonic (another amp that I like).
In all honesty, I find the best JVM. It responds better to the intensity of the attack pick and more. After I like grain Marshall. Those who prefer the Fender sound will probably tell you otherwise ;)


Strong point of this amp: used in small / medium volume, as opposed to 99% of Marshall amps.
The master is very convenient but could be designed to render a bit more progressive (like the gain knob on the OD channel).

I bought this amp for secondhand 750E. The seller had taken very carefully, thank you to him.
At this price, this is the deal of the century!

After mods, it suits me very well. I've owned / tried a few amp but I found my foot not shoe
I do not think config change for several years.