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User Review

oxas16's review - Mesa Boogie Express 5:25 1x12 Combo

All Tube
Connectivity: perfect
complete two separate channels with reverb and distortion and a boost
5 or 25 W power, but the VERY BIG
3 different distortions: crunch, burn or blues
and an adjustable boost (called outline) on each channel
many settings and equalization very effective


configuration that fits what you can dream.
you still have to search with equalizer and juggle the gain and master on each channel used by the guitar ...
English manual but useful. this combo has so many options that you do not even imagine ...
clear or crunch sounds like blues or burn or on disks that make us dream is obtained ...
even at low volume.


should be anything but metal, though some pedals with bare fingers, it must, I suppose ???
befits guitar head of satisfactory quality.
I love the clean sound.
distortions are extraordinary, crunch, burn or blues. with Strat or Gibson or other


I bought it 18 months ago, after having had a mesa boogie F30 for 4 years, which was good but far below side distortions.
I was full of very old Fender lamps and new, peavey lamps, carvin (not bad) but the sound is much smaller and fender and fender equalization is much more limited. Fender sounds good but same as 77 million guitarists on earth.
I want to sound very good and very differently and have an extraordinary distortion and mesa allows me, I who am but a small guitar.
I am convinced that when you have not the talents of a guitar hero, he must surround himself with very good matèriel that sounds, we can keep long rather than frequently changing gear and get frustrated (I knew ...)