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User Review

Snew's review - Harley Benton UK-11

China made a ukulele with a rotten finish (worth the price).
The bridge apt twice (well he dcoll), so I glued properly with wood glue.

We must strengthen it if cls dsaccorde in less than 5 minutes.


It is incredibly lightweight, the handle is rather enjoyable, for the sound is not against the Almighty.


Considering the price I did not expect great sound and I was right!
It is rather mdiocre but we know why ;-)


I bought this ukulele by whim rather than by need.
Indeed, when I saw the price (15) I told myself that I did not take many risks.

But then it's more of a good object dco a real instrument!
We can play with occasionally, but that's all.
"Real" ukulele players, flee it!

Attention, considering the price it's not a scam but that is a true ...