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Ample Sound releases Ample Guitar T

Ample Sound keeps on focusing on guitar sampling and launches the new Ample Guitar T libraries, which reproduces a Taylor 714 acoustic guitar.

Ample Guitar T features 3892 Taylor 714 acoustic guitar samples, which can be manipulated in the custom GUI with included guitar neck and shape interactive representation. The plug-in includes mono and stereo modes, strumming samples, finger noises, sustains, along with multiple guitar techniques such as hammer-on, pull-off, legato, slide, palm mute, harmonics, etc. You can also control the resonance or add some of the included effects (reverb, stereo delay, chorus, phaser, compression, EQ, overdrive and wah).

Ample Guitar T is available in AU and VST formats for Mac OS X and Windows (32 and 64-bit). Ample Sound announces an introductory price of $169 and during a limited time, you can bundle it with another virtual guitar for $219. More information and audio demos are available at