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User Review

A nice virtual instrument, but not a must have - Reviews Native Instruments Una Corda

Value For Money : Correct Audience: Anyone
I really love Native’s products, but this time I’m not entirely satisfied.
My computer is an i7 6700k 16gb RAM and windows 10 (64bit, of course).

I make music such as ambiance, OST… The demo is very well done and commercially efficient.

As usual with Native, the anti-piracy system is not burdening.

The instrument doesn’t offer thousands of parameters, making it easy to use.

The sound’s quality is very good and the presets are nice.
You can’t really judge Una Corda for its realism, this is not its aim. You’re not here to emulate a Steinway or Yamaha c7, but into a very different register.
A piano with a single string provides less harmonics – but it also leaves more room for the rest, and minimalism is also part of music.

I consider the price to be a little high… Which is often the case with Native by the way, it’s too bad even if I remain a very good customer for them… I think they should offer more pertinent special prices, but i guess always wanting more for less is a musician’s habit…

Value for money is a bit unbalanced. For a little less, why not…
I don’t regret buying it, even if I haven’t had many opportunities to use it.
In the end, after a certain moment, the sustain pedal’s noise is a real drag (and you can’t set it off). The balance between the noise (hammers and mechanism) and the sound in itself is way too much in favour of the hammers – a real hassle!