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User Review

Anonymous's review - XLN Audio Addictive Drums

I bought a complete mac pro with all logiviels installed so I can not say anything about the install.


It works well with a mac pro 2x2,8 octo-core (?) And 8Gb of ram .... would be missing more than that!


The hi-hat is ok, not more.
The crash are almost correct.
The various kicks are great, nothing to say about the kick!
Toms no more.
Snares ..... pathetic, really bad. I'm Tweeker in every way I can not do much of their snares.
The EQ and comp to available for each element, it is a good idea but then they are inéficaces is the wind.
If the interface is cool, it's pretty, it shines, ç'est bling bling.
Here is a small example that I made to illustrate my opinion, I'm trying 3 or 4 snares the Tweeker in every way, I can not.
Hear the snare is a fucking joke this stuff !!