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User Review

Sort of on the high end of the price scale - Reviews Spectrasonics Omnisphere

I have been using Spectrasonics Omnisphere for a few years now since around 2009. It was easy to install though it did take a while to fully install because there are just so many sounds and effects that have to install. Using it was not very easy because it was laid out a lot different than other VST interfaces that I have used in my music career. After looking at the manual, it felt like I was looking at a manual to fix a space ship. It was very lengthy and confusing, so I started looking around online and came across a ton of free tutorials on the website. All I had to do was register and start watching. The videos that Spectrasonics put out for this VST were way better than the manual was.


I was using Omnispere on my Dell PC running Windows Vista 32 bit, it ran great and never froze or crashed on me. It ran smoothly and effortlessly, plus it did not take a lot of CPU up while using it. I was able to use it about 4 times simultaneously before it started to chew up all of the CPU. I used it in Cubase and in FL Studio. In both of those DAW programs it was easy to set up Omnisphere and add it to my work flow.


The sounds that come with it are revolutionary. They are great for all types of music but I basically make Electronic music and Dance music so it fit right in with my personal style. All of the presets can be edited easily if you know how to use the VST. Which is where the problem came in at for me, so I went to the tutorial videos to understand how to work it properly.
This is a great plug in that any one should purchase if you are serious about having some very clean sounds. The down fall of this is the price, for the price of this you can get the Kontakt bundle and get a lot more for your money.