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User Review

You will get your money's worth - Reviews Sonokinetic Desert Voice

Sonokinetic Desert Voice is a collection of samples/patches of 6GB worth of sounds. All of the patches are in different categories so you can easily navigate through them to find what you are looking for. Breath, Morphious, Songs, Vocal Loops are some of the names of the categories that you will see. It doesn’t matter which patch you are working it you can change the key of it to whatever the key of your song is in. All of the patches are in the key of A by default you will need to change them on your own manually. The Sonokinetic Desert Voice seems to be more for an advanced musician who really understand working in “key”. If you understand working in key then the Desert Voice will really work for you. You will need a host application to play the patches in if you use it as a VST. You can use Kontakt 4 or above I think.


I have not been using Desert Voice long, but it seems to be very stable on my Dual Core i7 processor running 3.90 Ghz. It is very stable in Kontakt (as a host). I am not 100 percent sure about running Desert Voice as a standalone yet, because I have not tried. It only cost about 70 Euro’s and can be downloaded instantly. Installing can take some time depending on your computer speeds, most of the patches are pretty large files.


When using Sonokinetic Desert Voice you will really get a bang for you buck because you will get a large library of sounds, and as I stated if you know about theory then you will really be able to layer these patches up in “key” of course and do some really good stuff. The quality of all of the sounds are pretty good, a few of the voices seem to get a little muddy for me and there are some I will never use. But overall, you will get way more than your money’s worth with Sonokinetic Desert Voice.