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User Review

Pc68's review - Kurzweil K2500X

This is a 88-key piano. Not being a pianist confirmed, I will not judge the quality of touch, but in the words of experts, he remained pleasant and correct (I say this based on recent progress in this area)
One highlight of this keyboard is that it can easily serve as master control. Thanks to its 8 faders (8 with associated switches), its two ribbons (with a little pressure, and a large ... very large!)
Rich connections (8 separate outputs, two SCSI ports, MIDI, pedals, etc.), it will have no difficulty integrating into your studio.
I find the hyper parameter editing easy, whether for sound, or other effects. Maybe because it's really a computer by Tree (I practice a long time) and also because the parameters are in units of "real" (not a value between 0 and 127)
The box is big enough to easily calibrate a hard disk, by yourself (as the HD kit Kurzweil expensive for what to do ...)
There is a good Yahoos'group dealing with these synths
Well, we go to areas for improvement?
Polyphony starts a little dated, but ultimately, I do not crash the synth playing (and that's what counts!)
The number of original sound is not great (in 200) as he will quickly acquire the option ROMs to have on hand a more robust panel.
The effects of origin, though good, is very limited by the processor, so I highly recommend the option KDFX
As you can see, the bill is growing ...


Recall on: This is a true synthetic gas plant ... But in the good way. Enormous potential, configurable as desired. It can route everything about everything, assign everything about everything. Each according to his dexterity, designate the physical control that modulates the sound effect, etc.. I say this because I have too much sensitivity in the fingers, then the velocity curves ... No problem, I assign the pitch, tape or other.
A gas plant, but no need to keep the manual on your knees! The controls are very intuitive, almost innate.
The manual is well translated, neat, well presented, with some nice tutorials.


Kurzweil sounds? Ben is like sauerkraut ... Alsatian. It's almost a tautology. Except that it must have the option ROMs (and then KDFX) to draw the quintessence of this instrument. Well, for Grat saturated, it's not TOP (see Trinity, Triton or Motif) ... But the rest, from symphonic sounds to the World via the analog is OK.
Note, you can repatriate the samples in this synth sounds to create your own! SUPER! Kurzweil CDs are super clean, well-made assignments: You load and you play! For other formats (waves, akai) is more laborious, because you have to do the assignments, but after a hand, it goes relatively quickly.
But as said, each with its grain synth ... and this one I like really!


Keyboard of superlatives, the terrain par excellence. Ideal for driving your expanders, large enough to be up and running with your keyboard splits, it will respond quickly to your needs without constantly return to the manual. Editing is very detailed with values ​​in units recognized. The sound power is the appointment, even if this requires complete the beast by the options at the time. This is the birth of the K2600!
We could now criticized a little softness in the attacks, an arpeggiator basic (although you can overcome by assigning a sequential to a note) and the lack of a USB port.
It is clear, to date, I will take a K2600 if my favorite retailer does not remember the bill!