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User Review

A POWERFUL MACHINE - Reviews Roland Fantom X8

Features worthy of a modern piano. It came out in 2004 but it is still a well-respected workstation due to the quality of its manufacturing, sounds, interface, but especially due to its SRX 01 to 12 expansion cards, which can be found at very good prices. They are a real plus, even if the factory sounds are already terrific, like the acoustic and electric piano, the electronic sounds, strings, percussion/drums.

It's up to you to see what the piano lacks depending on your needs. Follow this link to make yourself an idea of the SRX series:

Personally, I'm a big fan. Roland used to be ahead of the game, it's a pity they are trailing behind in terms of workstations nowadays.


Nothing could be clearer, I haven't found a better interface (except for the fantom g, whose interface is simply perfect).

The manual is very clear, there's no need to fear anything.

Sound editing is super easy, just like using effects.


In terms of sounds, it limps a bit when it comes to brasses and electric guitars, but a simple SRX card fixes it all. Otherwise, there's not much to remark.

It's great! ;-)


I would surely buy it again, the only thing that makes me think it twice is the weight: 65 lbs. Plus a betonex/readyroad type flycase, which makes 130 lbs.

Good luck...and pump some iron if you plan on buying it lol lol lol

I sold it for that, I don't pump iron lol

But other than that, you can buy it with your eyes closed. Just watch for the wear and tear of the knobs and buttons, if you buy it secondhand you may end up with an ugly surprise. For example, changing the sensors of the keys and damaged buttons can cost you $400-$500, if you need to change the motherboard, make sure to get an unbeatable price to make up for the repair at a Roland authorized service shop.